Metropolitan Hospital was started in July 1994. Despite teething problems faced by young hospitals, it has proved to be the best and most efficient health unit in Eastlands and in comparison with other hospitals of its size. It is the most comprehensively equipped medical institution in Eastlands. The hospital was started by a group of eight professionals; the majority of them being doctors. The prime mover of the project was Dr. K.K. Gakombe, who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer.

Most of these other doctors have moved on with their careers and serving in various capacities. The main shareholder then was Mr. Ancrum Evans, a British investor who first came to Kenya in 1943. He has moved on to sell most of his shares to the locals in order to achieve his original vision of owning a minority share, thus not having a controlling share.

The hospital is publicly owned hospital with nearly six hundred share holders and it’s open to anyone interested in being a shareholder.

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