Corporate Social Responibility

 (a) Medical camps

This is one of the aspects in outreach programs. We give free drugs, consultation and medical checkups to the less fortunate at least once in every two months.

 (b) Samaritan Fund (Emergency/casualty)

By the virtue of the fact that we are situated in a densely populated area adjacent to one of busiest highways in Nairobi, Jogoo Road, the Hospital attends to an average of 1000 emergency cases on annual basis. This costs the Hospital an average of Kshs.500,000.00. 

We get critical cases whereby one is unconscious hence unable to pay or identify the next of kin. In such instances, we stabilize the patient before transferring to Kenyatta National Hospital and incur all costs.

(c)Free cleft lip and palate surgery (with Smile Train)

A smile is one of the greatest gifts God has given us; it puts a glow on our faces. With Cleft lip and palate condition, one cannot enjoy this gift.

It is in this view that Metropolitan Hospital and The Smile Train have partnered to offer free cleft lip and palate surgery to correct the condition, dubbed ‘GIVEASMILE’. 

The cost of operation is shared between the Hospital and Smile Train. We have done a total of 251 surgeries since inception in 2007.  

(d) Health Education

We educate the community on preventive measures through health talks and flyers. This is done for free to companies, institutions and the neighbouring community at large and if unwell, the best way to manage them.

The health talks are majorly on:





         Kidney failure



        Stress management



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